3 Activities to Find Your Creative Side

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You should never fantasize about being multi-talented with all the tools, programs, and tutorials out in the world available to us. Nevertheless we’re all given easy access by it being here on the internet to teach us everything we want to learn. For many years I’ve wanted to be the jack of multiple trades, but I had to learn the hard way that you can only be the master of one….at a time. Still, I am stubborn to never give up the dream to be a multi-skilled person, but the willed in patience is astonishing with all theses skills to learn, the internet should be gold to all of you aspiring learners. If you are still dreaming don’t fret because I have found some new avenues of challenges ahead to start to finding our creative but hidden niche:

#1 Take Art Lessons

I have never before done an activity like a Sip and Paint or have randomly painted since I was in high school. So it wasn’t until my 30th birthday party I decided to have a Sip and Paint with my friends and family. I’m telling you, the apparent joyous attitudes I observed for the creativity flowing around the room was off the charts. At first we all attempted to paint the same picture of an elephant in tall grass and I couldn’t help but see a glimpse into everyone’s individual perspective of their own lives through the undermined skill of a unique and somewhat spontaneous art. Of course in art you will have your rebels, so we allowed freestyle paintings in the group to accommodate all of the lovely free thinkers. My eyes grew wide for the amazement of the regular folk surrounding me who work regular jobs to have a pure potential talent that could present itself into the world one day and make plenty of money by it. Every art piece told a story and portrayed its own personality. It was a truly eventful party and it made me appreciate everyone a little more.

I really want to encourage you reading this, if you want to get into painting or drawing and maybe want to learn by the techniques learned by many famous artist as a beginner, fortunately there is a way to learn conveniently online by going to Onlineartlessons.com, it teaches you in 4 steps how to create a crafty art piece on your own. The 4 steps are Explain, Show, Do, and Feedback. First they Explain the theory behind the practical so you understand what you are doing. Second they Show the techniques step by step so you know what to do. Third Do, they have you follow along with the tutor while creating your artwork. Lastly Feedback, after you’ve completed your artwork, you submit it for feedback from tutor and peers. These four steps could be the recipe to finding out what a Picasso you are.

You can do things like pencil drawing, oil painting, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, pastel painting and pen and ink drawing starting for just $1 for 7 day trial and then only $19 a month if you choose to continue. Then you can follow as many classes as you like and/or watch as many classes as you want. I think this is a solid investment for anyone who has always wanted to dive into this area of creativity.

#2 Learn to Play the Piano

Learning to play the piano is just about equal to learning a new language, the language of music. Playing the piano is the gateway to learning to play many other instruments. I once worked an overnight job and I had a co-worker who brought in a small keyboard he found at the thrift store and not too many weeks later I saw him on facebook playing at his church. I was amazed at how fast he learned to play, but I also witnessed his dedication and consistency to learn. Before he brought in the keyboard he was watching tutorials on Pianoforall every night and as soon as I saw the keyboard I knew he was getting serious. So I watched his growth and decided to do some digging into his resource. I found that Pianoforall is one of the most popular and respected piano courses on the web. Online since 2006 it is always amongst the first choices of anyone wanting to learn piano.

They give out an All-in-one package. Ebooks, Videos and audios that works on all devices like PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones. They teach all styles of the piano like jazz, blues pop, ballads, improvisation, classical. You can play-by-ear and learn to read music at the same time. It’s easy to follow yet comprehensive. And if you really dedicated to learning this craft they have 10 clearly laid out ebooks – 600 pages in total, 200 videos – over 10 hours in total and 500 audio lessons. The video and audio can be accessed right on the page you are viewing so you don’t have to open separate programmes. another perk is instant download or delivered anywhere in the world on a DVD ROM. Lastly the website is verified by VERISIGN so you know your payments are totally secure.

Great Testimonials means Great conversions. Pianoforall converts well because people trust that the course will deliver. The course has probably the best testimonials of ALL the online piano courses. What sets Pianoforall’s testimonials apart is that they are VERIFIABLE – potential students can request email addresses and talk to that person to find out for themselves if pianoforall delivers.

#3 Make Beats

Have you ever dreamt of being the life of the party? Did you ever obsess over the rhythm of random beats over the radio? Well look no further I have found the perfect application for you it called BTVsolo. BTVSolo is a professional music production software. If you want to get serious about conducting your own music and need the tools, BTVSolo is where you should start. With this software you can create your own songs, customize anything, arrange quicker, and share with flexibility. With your own creations it sequences beats in just 5 minutes. You can use your computer keypads to tap out a quick beat or connect your MIDI keyboard. The customization allows you to edit your patterns, entire kits or instruments, tweak individual samples or customize preset effects. It also records new samples, keyspan, autochop, and apply editing tools to craft brand new instruments with drag and drop simplicity. When I mention arrange quicker I mean it can easily arrange your patterns into full radio-ready songs complete with intros, choruses, verses and drops either on-the fly with real-time export or using the built in linear pattern-based sequencer in Song Mode. Finally, when you share the software allows you to enjoy maximum flexibility with one button Export. Quickly bounce out your Patterns, Songs, Tracks or individual Pads at studio quality 16 or 24-bit WAV files for use in other audio editing applications.

Here is a review by Dallas Austin, 2X Grammy Winning Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Senior Vice President, A&R for Island Records

I use this on every record that I make

“You can arrange full songs with just your computer keyboard. You don’t need any other controllers, any other drums, or any other virtual instruments. You can sequence here. You’ve got your sound banks here. You can mix here. It’s everything you need to get started and go a long way!” 

If you are interested for more information on BTVSolo follow the link here! And watch the video.

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